Maradona led his unit to victory over Germany

Yesterday, Argentina and Germany, two strong Allianz Stadium in Munich, a warm-up match, with the goal Higuain, Argentina, a victory over the ball. Led the team to a road victory, Maradona's World Cup in South Africa after the match once again reaffirmed the goal, "we still have to prove the ability to join the ranks of World Cup contention."

37 minutes, the use of personal ability Dimaliya shot straight after the break, the ball hit the lintel on the pop-up, Germany escaped. Half before the end of Germany's goalkeeper Adler committed a great wrong, Higuain the ball calmly into Buddhism, Argentina lead. The second half of the contest and the scene rather dull and eventually beat Argentina, the ball is still a rival newspaper in Germany's World Cup opponents out of revenge. It is worth mentioning that the old horse coach of Argentina, the 5 times against European teams, in addition to losing to Spain, other games unbeaten.

After the match, Maradona said: "Today, everyone can see my players have the strength, in fact, I have said many times before, but my country people do not agree with my views. If we are willing, I will be for me The country sent a wonderful session of the World Cup. "For this game, nag that" we can win the game, Argentina proved itself alive, as long as we continue to maintain such courage, the World Cup, we do not will be empty-handed. "However, the old horse, or received a bad news after the game, the main defender Demichelis suffered serious injuries, he was in the game Barak Zhuangcheng cheekbone collapse is difficult to predict whether the World Cup.