Jason suffered another NFL suspensions

Free agent Jason - Sir Alex Ferguson, the last two seasons in Miami Dolphins team experienced the effectiveness of the sharp front, because doping during the race, in violation of the NFL's policy, even a fine in the next season, stopped the first eight games race.

NFL spokesman Greg - Aiello on Sunday confirmed that notification of penalties will be issued later this week, but failed to provide further details. In 1999, Ferguson is also breaching the suspended NFL drug policy fined, he has been detected in the urine during the anabolic steroids ordered to stop four games. Ferguson's agent, Jimmy - Sexton did not call back on Sunday to comment on the matter.

Sir Alex Ferguson in the end of the season in November last year, when the quadriceps injury and underwent surgery one month later, out of action games. Ferguson, now 35-year-old last season, played for the Dolphins completed in nine games 23 times to intercept. Coach Tony - Sparano called him during his injury a "joke player." A Dolphins spokesman Harvey - Green said that Ferguson is still a free agent, he did not sign a new contract. "We will not make any statements because he did not officially on the list of our players," Green said. The team did not say whether they plan to next season to re-sign with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson in 1997 and was elected to NFL, in 2008, joined the Miami Dolphins before his jet in New York and played eight seasons in the Dallas Cowboys for three seasons playing varsity. His career, a total of 325 times to intercept.

In the 1997 inspection tour rookie training camp, Ferguson tested positive for doping. Suspended in 1999, he moved to deny taking steroids, saying he was just taking a dietary supplement, which he can not be identified, but that does not contain any banned substances. "People think I was a drug addicts or drug addicts and the like, and I think this is ridiculous," Ferguson said at the time, "I will look at the bottle, I know what is steroids, I do not take any damn steroids. "