Cowboys beat Lions

Cowboys 28, Lions 27

6 wins 2 losses start of the Lions even have a negative five games, could only stand and hand the wild card will be lost. This field of jeans, leading the three, but was not guaranteed in section 4, so that a red cowboy twice a touchdown pass, one-point air to go Lions. Lions only themselves to blame a series of unlucky fourth quarter, in particular kicked a penalty 35 yards to give breathing space cowboy in order. Cowboys quarterback if the ball very efficient silent, 44 pass 35 in the 302 yards, 2 touchdowns. Tight end Viton 15 times the ball 138 yards, set in the first attack.

Colt 44, Ravens 20

Ravens last week, dropped nearly to the Patriot, hopes people crow day and night match in the weeks to perform well. Unexpectedly, the colt Section 3 touchdowns, including two errors in the use of a crow easily by 23 to 0 lead in the beginning of section II a gain another victory, competition ahead of a foregone conclusion. Ravens this season will undoubtedly reveal the true level. III colt to make severance substitute battle, so save a little face crows. Ravens quarterback Burrough pass was intercepted three times, a second clean sheet, and one on the right hand over the ball four times want to, do not lose also be difficult.