Compensatory draft picks is based on salary

Compensatory draft picks is based on salary, playing time and postseason honors formula for decision. A team losing more or better players get more than that to be eligible for. This draft picks can not be traded.

Tiger Team with the highest compensation draft picks, the first three 33-bit (Total No. 96 overall). In the 09 seasons before they lost TJ Houshmandzadeh, Stacey - Andrews and Ryan - but only signed a Fitzpatrick JT O'Sullivan. Titan team has been the second-highest draft picks, they have lost Albert - Han Bosworth, Criscar, Brandon - Jones, Eric - King, Daniel - Loper and Chris = West James, signed by about 10000 - sea, Nate - Washington and Mark - Jones.

Since 1994, the first time that a compensatory draft picks initiated Baltimore (29) and Dallas (28) get up to Cleveland to be the minimum, only one.