Google Chrome OS build version of the new hardware acceleration support for ION

Google's Chrome OS operating system, will be released until the end of this year, but because Google already launched Chromium OS open source projects, developers need only to download Chromium OS source code, slightly modified to compile, you can totally have been erected in the normal Run the "pre-Chrome OS" system. Many developers really have to do so, while the recently launched by the Hexxeh new Chromium OS systems have a lot of points worthy of note at.

The developer said his new version of Chromium OS, called "Flow", to improve the program menus and directories, by adding an automatic update feature to improve battery performance, and joined, including cameras, including some of the new hardware support. Among them, most notably to the number of NVIDIA GPU support. Flow can be Hexxeh that offers a full range N card hardware acceleration support, smooth playback 720p/1080p Flash video, including the ION-ion platform. For Chrome / Chromium system is mainly targeted at the Internet in this / Nettop platform, so that the hardware acceleration will undoubtedly have a high practicality.