Sharp and Samsung LCD patent litigation on reaching a final agreement

February 5, Sharp and Samsung Electronics signed an agreement after the two sides on the LCD panel and modules in a settlement of patent disputes, thus ending more than two years the two companies of patent litigation.

February 8, Sharp official statement, with Samsung Electronics on the LCD patent litigation reached a final agreement .

In 2007, the two companies were in the United States, Japan, Korea and Europe and other regions, to the local courts request that the other side violated its own LCD panels and modules in the patent. According to the latest agreement, Sharp and Samsung Electronics will immediately withdraw all actions previously, thus the two companies in LCD patent legal dispute drawing to an end.

According to the provisions of the agreement in the future, the two companies will be on a global scale, the joint ownership of litigation inherent in LCD panels and modules related to patent rights. In addition, the Sharp side said, will continue to liquid crystal display technology, continuous innovation to meet market demand.