Google Search for possession of a virus? Poison SEO into the common methods of attack

Internet security firm Websense according to a report released today, Internet criminals to the article in a blog, chat rooms, e-mail and search sites such as trap, improper control of the network.

Last year, in the second half of online threat analysis showed that 81% of email being used to spread malicious code, blogs, forums or chat rooms compared with 95% of the article is obscene spam messages or go to "load data" (payloads) link .

SEO poisoning attacks are common practices, the use of celebrities such as death or major disasters, a hot topic, attracting User designed to allow the computer to link to the poisoning site.
Websense security research manager Stephan Chenette, said: "It's terrible." He said: "The attacker through the timely search results, with Bing and Google towards the same direction."
Chenette said that the use of a large number of hackers known as "botnets" (botnet) of poisoning the computer as fake website hosting, and whenever the hot topic of fast-tampering fake website search engine rankings.

Websense found that, using Yahoo! Buzz or Google Trend tracking service popular topic keyword search, 100 resulted in a great opportunity for malicious programs was 13.7%.