According to foreign media reports, Google Wednesday announced a donation of two million U.S. dollars of Wikipedia, which is the establishment of seven years, the Wikipedia Foundation, the largest amount of donations received.

6 months ago, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has, through his investment company's donation to Wikipedia, 200 million U.S. dollars.

Benefited from the high donation, Wikipedia has over-achieved as of June of the current fiscal year income of 10.6 million U.S. dollars to achieve the goal, over the previous fiscal year 8.7 million U.S. dollars grew by more than 20%.

Wikipedia is the world's most popular Internet encyclopedia, by 10 million volunteers in about 270 languages were written. The site most of the income to the voluntary donation, the current fiscal year from more than 240,000 individuals benefited from the contribution.
Wikipedia spokesman Jay Walsh said that, thanks to the generous contributions of the outside world, the website will continue to maintain the non-commercial.