Buzz has just launched Google service shall become spam targets

According to foreign media reports, according to security company Websense said that, despite Google's "Google Buzz" service has just launched this week, but the spammers have already Google's social networking service "Google Buzz" as targets of attack.

Websense said, Twitter website launched for some time after becoming the target of spammers. However, spammers have learned how to abuse of social networking, they began to attack just two days time on Google, "Google Buzz" service.

Security research manager for Websense, said Carl Leonard, a worrying thing is spammers have recently improved the social networks of knowledge, thereby enabling them to quickly "Google Buzz" and other new services to attack.

Leonard said that to secure the use of "Google Buzz" and other social networking services, businesses need to use a security solution to protect themselves and employees. The real-time security solution to be able to keep up with the ever-changing content of social networking sites.
Websense said, Web 2.0 site for user-generated content become the cyber-crime analysis, and spammers main target. The study found that blog, chat rooms and user-generated comments on the Information Bar, 95% of spam and malicious information.

Moreover, in the second half of 2009, 81% of the e-mail protection malicious link.

Websense said that the current emerging threat to the regular intrusion of traditional antivirus and security solutions, indicating that for a unified network, data and e-mail security needs.

Have the right technical support, Web 2.0 will provide real business benefits of opening up many new opportunities.

Websense advises Internet users clicking on the link, when an unknown to be very careful. It also said that Google should be ready to respond to this new service will generate a lot of spam messages.