Internet dissemination of obscene materials may be convicted of more than 10

Yesterday, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly issued "on the handle to use the Internet, mobile communication terminal, voice sets production, reproduction, publishing, selling, disseminating obscene electronic information in criminal cases of a number of issues specific application of the legal interpretation of (b)", right a criminal offense involving obscene electronic information chain issues and their interests, and further clarified the application of the relevant legal standards in criminal cases.

The interpretation also made to the "obscene Web site" clearly defined: to produce, reproduce, publish, sell, disseminate obscene electronic information for the purpose of the establishment, or mainly engaged in these activities after the establishment of the website is pornographic web sites can be classified as .

A point worth noting is that two high-side said: not only because a certain part of which contains obscene electronic information is identified as a pornographic web sites or the entire site.
In addition, electronic information he knows to be obscene but not fulfill the statutory management responsibilities, allowing, or letting others to manage their own sites or all or any web page publishing, to the extent that can clearly be a crime.

According to explanation, for the purpose of profit-making, production, reproduction, publication, sale, containing the spread of dissatisfaction with 14 years of age minors, obscene electronic information to reach the number of films, performances, animation and other video files 10, audio files of more than 50 ; dissemination of obscene e-journals, pictures, articles, etc. 100 or more, the information actually been hits to reach 5000 times or more; the use of obscene electronic information collect advertising fees, membership registration fees or other fees, more than 5,000 illegal income, can a conviction punishment.

In addition, if the production, reproduction, publication, sale, dissemination of specific picture is full 14 years of age, minors under eighteen sex obscene electronic information, you should still be based on the old "interpretation" requirement be punished severely.