Microsoft will stop supporting Vista, XP SP2

Microsoft will stop its unpopular WindowsVista operating system to provide technical support, and this time than planned WindowsXP and Windows2000 stop technical support in the early months.

Microsoft said on Thursday, WindowsVista no service pack for the operating system this year, after April 13 will no longer be Microsoft's technical support, so that the platform has been completely want to use this operating system security vulnerabilities under the threat of hackers.

At the same time, WindowsXP2 and all versions of the Windows2000 operating system, technical support for the cut-off time is July 13. Microsoft will shut down at that time security updates for these operating systems.

At the same time, Microsoft WindowsServer2003 mainstream technical support will advance to the extension of technical support phase. This means that users have to pay Microsoft to get technical support, only the security update is still free of charge.

Microsoft believes it is important that all users have the technical support to take action before the end of the user not only know their own choices and to prepare, but also to ensure that its own operating system environment as secure as possible.