Hubble Space Telescope photographed the Earth from 90 miles outside the two meteor collision map

According to foreign media reports, people may also blamed for millions of years before the disappearance of dinosaurs on Earth asteroid collided with the then two related, and it is that the collision produced out of a comet-shaped objects, the objects are numbered To P/2010 A2, at a distance of the Earth 90 million miles between Mars and Jupiter in the asteroid belt circling. The Hubble Space Telescope last week to shoot photos of the object.

David Jewitt University of California, Los Angeles, said, "In fact, we are also working to understand what that means, it is likely that the most recent collision of two asteroids results. If so, then this will make our first observation to the asteroid impact and shatter the process. "
It is reported that the object is similar to a comet, but at its core from the tail was severed, Jewitt said, "This is a very strange phenomenon, so that we've not seen before." Study of the objects found after a similar object, will increase the collision between planetary scientists to destroy the process of understanding.

In addition, this information may have thwarted an asteroid hit the Earth's events the next benefit. Jewitt said, "We want to know is that this is how the two asteroids collide with each other to destroy each other. This issue for our understanding of how to destroy the asteroid to prevent it from attacking the Earth makes sense."

Scientists believe that a large comet or asteroid had hit the Earth 6500 million years ago, which is also related with the extinction of the dinosaurs. One theory is say this, when the object hit the Earth emit dust or chemical fumes obscured the sun, or triggered a global forest fires.

It is learned that calculations show, P/2010 A2 group of related objects and an asteroid, the Flora family had these asteroids. NASA is working to about 1000 is expected to reach the Earth's diameter to be larger than 3/2 miles of 90% of the objects owned by the door in other classes. The agency has a special budget year, including annual growth of 16 million U.S. dollars to support this work.