Nokia's full line of Samsung Sony Ericsson to cut handset prices put pressure on

Nokia mobile phones by the end of January to an overall decrease of its price, its the cheapest smart phone with rival Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson's mid-range smart phone started competition.

Nokia said the mobile phone price changes are a part of their normal business. Nokia mobile phones in general several times a year down the price. Some industry sources told Reuters that Nokia will cut handset prices by 10%.

In the lower price, the Nokia 5230 smartphone the cheapest retail price in Finland is about 170 euros (239 dollars). This model phone wholesale price is now less than 120 dollars.

Cheap smart phone smartphone market demand-driven downturn in the economy resilient growth, with the industry trend of weak contrast. According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, said the fourth quarter of last year, the global smart phone sales grew by 30%.

Nokia last week said it in the fourth quarter sales of smart phones is 3.9 billion, growth of 26%, promoting the entire quarter revenue growth. Nokia's smart phones in the fourth quarter, the average selling price of 190 euros from the third quarter fell to 186 euros.

Nokia cut prices will undermine the focus on mid-range feature phones, or Sony Ericsson cell phone manufacturers. This mid-range and features of mobile phone configuration is usually a very good camera or music player, but the lack of a computer-style open operating system.

These handsets cheaper than the price of smart phones, but this price gap is narrowing.

Because of the economic recession that has affected consumer demand, the mobile phone industry in 2009 experienced a tough year, is currently being started to recover. It is down at this time Nokia cell phone prices. Nokia said it expects the mobile phone market in 2010 will grow 10%.